Picture from TAAC's collection "Orange" Jacek Żwiryn, 2011
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TAAC Solutions

TAAC Solutions is a tax advisory company founded in 2010 by Aleksandra Serafin, lawyer and certified tax advisor. The company employs experienced experts from the following areas: tax, finance, accounting, administration, immigration, commercial and employment law.

Our main goal is to provide efficient and complex services to our clients to make them focus on their key business activity. Our main assets are reliability and professionalism accompanying ongoing legal and tax services, as well as an effective support of our clients in sustainable growth of their entities.

Investments in new technologies that allow our clients for accessing the secured and advanced online services make our offer modern, innovative and fulfilling the highest quality standards.

Clients and organizations

TAAC Solutions provides services to local and international companies from various industry sectors. Among our clients are, inter alia: Ortec, Unipharm, Atos, Walo Bertschinger, GPK Suez, Fortatech, LCP Properties, Boccard, OTTO and Morrow Woods.

On daily basis we co-operate with law offices abroad. We also co-operate with business institutions, such as: Polish-Swiss Chamber of Commerce, Switzerland Global Enterprise, Netherlands-Polish Chamber of Commerce (NPCC) and The Polish Investment and Trade Agency (PAIH).

Our Values

  • substantive correctness and timeliness of the services
  • properly recruited and trained staff
  • flexible forms of co-operation adapted to individual needs

  • confidentiality and data privacy
  • modern IT tools and integration of TAAC Solutions applications with external devices

Unique knowledge


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22 January 2020


Personal Income Tax: 0% PIT for youngsters under 26 years old: Starting from 08/01/2019 youngsters under the age of 26 are exempt from PIT. This however, does not extend to payments made in lieu of remuneration such as sickleave benefits or maternity benefits. New tax rates: Starting from 10/1/2019 the lowest tax rate have been […]

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10 October 2019

Polish Swiss Innovation Day

We took a part in 2019 edition of Polish Swiss Innovation Day. This year the leading topic was Better Urban Life/Let’s talk about quality of Urban life/ Warsaw-Zurich, the two changing metropoles. As in previous years the Conference was very well prepared, what confirmed the number of participants from Poland and Switzerland representing business, municipality, […]

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18 April 2018

Legal and tax aspects of functioning of Special Economic Zones (SEZ) in Poland

The following publication covers tax and legal aspects of the functioning of the Special Economic Zones in Poland. This publication has been prepared by TAAC Solutions for the Polish Investment and Trade Agency (PAIH). Agenda: 1. Permission for conducting business activity in the Special Economic Zone: A. submission of the application B. tender C. tender […]

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