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Anticrisis shield – for employers and employees

Anticrisis shield – for employers and employees

From March 31, 2020, the so called “anti-crisis shield” provisions containing new solutions aimed at protecting employers and employees against the effects of COVID-19 are in force. Due to the fact that the regulations are characterized by considerable formalism, taking into account the interest of clients in the introduced reliefs, the TAAC Solutions team would like to present a study discussing individual issues of the “anti-crisis shield”.


  1. Benefits for employers
  2. Benefits for workers
  3. Foreigners
  4. ZUS – social contributions
  5. Tenants
  6. Financial statements
  7. PIT
  8. VAT
  9. CIT
  10. Other duties
  11. Terms and procedures in taxation
  12. Litigation terms
  13. Other

The alert is available in pdf version: TAAC Solutions Alert prawny_tarcza antykryzowa_pracodawcy i pracownicy_kwiecień 2020_wersja EN

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