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Corporate and Commercial

Corporate, commercial and employment law, apart from tax and accounting, are our key areas of ongoing advice. We take various untypical and innovative challenges. We present our clients different opportunities in their business activities because we are creative and responsible. Working for the foreign investors we choose the best options  tailored to their needs to enter the Polish market and succeed. Our lawyers cooperate with our tax experts to make TAAC Solutions’ services complex and to provide the multidimensional approach.

Zdjęcie Advising on company’s ongoing activity and choosing the optimal form of entity
Advising on company’s ongoing activity and choosing the optimal form of entity
  • Preparing internal regulations, reviewing commercial agreements and resolutions
  • Preparing legal opinions
  • Establishing entities (choosing the optimal legal form and taxation, and supporting clients in registration procedures)
  • Comprehend advice on taxation and optimization of the business activity
Zdjęcie Corporate Advisory
Corporate Advisory
  • Preparing projects, negotiating and verifying commercial agreements and other agreements connected with entities’ activity in local and international environment
  • Supporting in establishing new entities, as well as converting, restructuring and liquidating of actual companies
  • Ongoing advice for the company authorities: owners, supervisory boards, management boards and individual members
  • Organizing owners and shareholders meetings, preparing draft resolutions and other internal acts and documents
  • Representing in registration proceedings in KRS
  • Due diligence audits
  • Implementing corporate governance rules
  • Advising on liability of company authorities and liability of entities
Zdjęcie Employment Law
Employment Law
  • Ongoing advice on employment issues
  • Drafting and negotiating employment agreements
  • Drafting and negotiating managerial contracts
  • Employment cost optimization
  • Restructuring of employment
  • Representing clients in employment disputes

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