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HR and Payroll

TAAC Solutions provide HR and payroll outsourcing services on two levels: implementation and ongoing services. Owing to the modern technology and communication tools our clients receive an appropriate support in all their activities aiming to increase efficiency in human resources area. Tools enable our clients to access the actual employment information, update them and manage the work time on-line. Employees and employers are able to review the files, and employers can accept or decline the applications/requests on-line.

Zdjęcie Payroll management and administration
Payroll management and administration
  • Conducting payroll administration for client’s employees in terms of employment agreements or civil law contracts in full compliance with labour law requirements, income tax regulations and social insurance law
  • Calculating remuneration with deduction from salary and social benefits
  • Calculating tax deductions, social contributions and health insurance contributions
  • Preparing payrolls according to client’s organizational scheme
  • Preparing and if required, loading client’s subaccount with net salary transfer orders
  • Preparing collective payroll schemes for client’s accounting in TAAC’s form
  • Preparing and providing employees with pay slips accessible online via Employer’s Portal
  • Preparing and sending social insurance statements (ZUS)
  • Preparing and sending monthly DEK-I-O payments to The State Fund for Rehabilitation of Disabled Persons (PFRON)
  • Supporting clients in case of administration authorities control (social insurance authorities and tax authorities)
  • Advising on cooperation with auditors
  • Preparing and delivering online annual declarations of PIT-11 and IFT-1R to competent tax authorities
  • Preparing and delivering online of PIT-11 and IFT-1R to employees
  • Preparing annual declarations of PIT-4R and PIT-8AR together with printing, signing, delivering to client and sending them online to competent tax authorities
Zdjęcie HR management
HR management
  • Conducting employee records/files according to labour law regulations
  • Conducting employee statistics required by labour law, such as: personal data, history of employment, sick leaves, holidays, used and unused leave, maternity leave, extended post-maternity leave, parental leave, paid and unpaid leave, periodic medical examinations, and OHS trainings
  • Preparing employment agreements and other documentation required by labour law connected with: employment, change of employment conditions and termination of employment
  • Determining the employment rights, such as: the length of holiday leave, special leave, maternity leave, parental leave, extended post-maternity leave and the notice period
  • Keeping register of missing employee records, such as for example: OHS trainings, medical examinations, ZUS notifications of employees and their families
  • ZUS notifications for managerial contracts
  • Issuing certificates of employment
  • Preparing standard HR reports
  • Monitoring of key dates connected with employment: termination of employment, the acquisition of new entitlements, expiry of medical examinations, expiry of OHS trainings
  • Preparing standard reports for GUS (Z-02, Z-05, Z-06)
  • Supporting in procedures in front of PIP, ZUS and GUS
  • Informing about key changes in Polish labour law and HR regulations
Zdjęcie Social insurance
Social insurance
  • Advising on social insurance contributions: supporting in ZUS procedures, preparing and reviewing employment agreements, calculating contributions for employees according to their employment agreements or managerial contracts
  • Advising on social insurance contributions optimization and preferred premiums
  • Advising on social insurance contributions in terms of employing pensioners and foreigners
Zdjęcie Representing during control proceedings in front of PIP, ZUS and tax authorities
Representing during control proceedings in front of PIP, ZUS and tax authorities
  • Preparing sensitive files for document control
  • Representing during control proceedings in front of PIP, ZUS and tax authorities, preparing clarifications on behalf of clients, preparing appeals against the administrative decisions, as well as preparing compliants against administrative decisions to the courts

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