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Tax advisory

TAAC Solutions have supported their clients in optimum tax management for many years. We worked out several beneficial tax solutions. We successfully represent our clients in tax proceedings and tax disputes. We are practitioners – we know various industry sectors and the criteria of the Special Economic Zones (SEZ). We advise the investors how to build their entities based not only on the governance and board policy, but also on the comprehensive tax strategy.

TAAC Solutions prepare and verify transfer pricing documentation and benchmarking analysis using a professional database Quick Analytics.

Zdjęcie Tax settlements
Tax settlements
  • Preparing monthly, quarterly and annual tax declarations and tax returns in terms of CIT, PIT, VAT, tax on civil law transactions and local taxes
  • Preparing tax information, including: IFT-1/1R, IFT-2/2R, PIT 8C
  • Preparing social insurance forms for the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS)
Zdjęcie Representation of foreign companies in VAT
Representation of foreign companies in VAT
  • VAT registration in Poland for foreign companies
  • Keeping a VAT register for foreign companies
  • Preparing VAT declarations and JPK for foreign companies
  • Representing foreign entities in front of the Polish tax authorities
  • Representing foreign entities in VAT reimbursement
Zdjęcie Tax due diligence
Tax due diligence
  • Conducting tax due diligence audits in terms of tax regulations compliance
  • Preparing tax opinions and tax reports
  • Conducting tax audits as a basis for the sale or the acquisition of entity
Zdjęcie Customs and excise duty
Customs and excise duty
  • Advising on customs regulations, including the Union Customs Code (UCC)
  • Advising on customs tariff classification on the products according to the Binding Tariff Information (BTI)
  • Supporting in economic procedures implementation
  • Preparing cross-border commercial agreements
  • Representing clients in customs and tax proceedings (including excise tax), as well as in front of administrative courts
Zdjęcie Special Economic Zones (SEZ)
Special Economic Zones (SEZ)
  • Advising on obtaining permission for conducting business activity in Special Economic Zone in Poland (submission of the application, tender, tender documentation, choice of offer, issuance of permission, revocation of expiration of the permission)
  • Advising on tax excemtions (income tax excemption and property tax excemption)

Read our publication:„Legal and tax aspects of functioning of SEZ in Poland”: https://www.paih.gov.pl/files/?id_plik=28778



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